Wednesday, December 23, 2009

WNKR at Christmas on 1512KHz from the 23rd of December.

1,Dave Martin, 1 hour.
2,Hugo Lee Jay, 2 hours.
3,Andy Walker 80's, 2 hours.
4,Tony Randall, 2 hours.
5,Chris Ise, 1 hour.
6,Roger Dale (60's and 70's), 1 hour.
7,The Archive Hour, London Music Radio with Robin Banks,
from the 25th of December 1976 (studio copy, recorded on the Mebo 2), 1 hour.  
8,Non stop music with Tony Palmer, 2 hours.
( There was supposed to have been a "Uncle Jimmy" Xmas show but it was deemed as inappropriate for broadcast on 1512KHz. However if you are brave you can listen to it here.)  


Anonymous said...

hi is there going to be anymore new programs for the new year at all. many thanks a good listoner

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