Saturday, December 05, 2009

This weekend the 5th and 6th of December on 1512KHz 198 metres.

Alright it's happened! We have had to move frequency. This weekend we are on 1512 KHz. Check back here before next weekend as we may have to move again!

1,Dave Martin.
2,Steve Underground .
3,Hugo Lee Jay.


Radio Ham said...

1512 kHz is a good clear channel,
and the signal holds up well after dark too.

Anonymous said...

Your much better than that Bigl/KFC mob who have hijacked your old frequency but I expect it won't be long before your back there. 1512 is a good alternative and nice and clear down in Maidstone Kent.
The Undertaker :>)

Radio Ham said...

I didn't hear you on the 12/13th.
Were you on a different frequency?

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