Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Broadcast for 1476 30th of March 2008

1) Dave Martin (Latin Jazz) (1hr)

2) Andy Walker(1970's) (1hr)
3) Steve Underground (1hr)
4) Hugo Lee Jay (1hr)
5) Archive Hour (13) (JS) (1hr)
Radio Veronica - Robbie Dale (17-03-1969)
London Capital Radio- Kenny & Cash (01-04-1974)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter on 1476

Starting from midday on Good Friday.

1) Dave Martin (1hr)

2) Andy Walker (1960's Mod Classics) (1hr)
3) Archive Hour (12a) (JS) (1hr)
Radio Caroline - 1964 - Simon Dee & Christopher Moore 1300-1327
Radio Atlanta - Johnny Jackson (13-05-1964) 1900-1928
4) Chris Ise "The German Geezer" (1hr)
5) Steve Underground (1hr)
6) Hugo Lee Jay (1hr)
7) Archive Hour (12b) (AW) (1hr)
Radio Invicta - Roger Tate (30-03-1975) 28mins
London Stereo (North Surrey Radio) - Dave Sinclair (31-03-1975) 28mins
Radio Shelia - Dave Redding & Tony Randall (31-03-1975) 5mins
8) Jimmy Stone (1hr)
9) Jack Russell (1hr)
10) Non-Stop North Sea Nuggets from the 60's (1hr)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Back on 1476, 16th of March.

Back from the USA, the line up for 1476 is as follows,

1; Dave Martin
2; Andy Walker
3; Steve Underground
4; Hugo Lee Jay
5; Archive Hour (11)
Tribute to Chris Cary:
Spangles Muldoon - Radio Caroline South (23-12-1967)
Tom Browne chart show - Radio One (19-03-1978)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

WNKR from the USA, 7th of March.

We are not on this weekend on 1476, this is because WNKR are in the USA attending a SWL convention.
However, ever the pirates that we are, we will be on air in the vicinity of the convention on 91.8 FM stereo.
The program content will be available by our stream as usual, when you see the on air sign you can listen.
Quick update here is a short video of the TX in place in the USA.

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