Friday, March 20, 2009

This weekend the 22nd of March on 1476.

Dave Martin, a new wave of 80's music.
2,Andy Walker, 'Return from the USA'.
3,Steve Underground .
4,Hugo Lee Jay.
5,Jimmy Stone, 'Big L Sixties'.


John Figliozzi said...

Andy -

Glad to see you had a safe and sound trip back to the UK. Listening to WNKR now on my new Pure Evoke Flow FM/DAB/Wifi radio which isn't officially sold here but should be. Fantastic receiver--retro design with thoroughly modern interface, portable and great sound. Happy to have you and Steve here in the States and on the Winter SWL Fest program once again. Here's hoping you go for the trifecta next year! Long live radio... and longer live free radio.

John Figliozzi

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